2018 National Conference

History is a field of continuing importance but in recent years, an increased interest in the past has been observed due in large part to social media and historians’ engagements in the public sphere. The role of academic historians in generating cutting edge research remains of vital significance but such research must be disseminated in ways suitable for the appreciation of the mass audience, as done by public historians. On the other hand, while public history conveys the lessons of the past, it must balance the rigors of the academic discipline and the needs of the audience. The public historians’ direct link with the general public should also inform academic historians on the topics that require immediate scholarly attention. Academic and public history must therefore feed on each other. Such synergy will play a powerful role in creating an informed citizenry.

The first two days of the conference shall be devoted to lectures and paper presentations. A guided lecture of the National Museum of Natural History shall highlight the third day.

The Malay World Conference

4th International Conference of the International Council for Historical and Cultural Cooperation-Southeast Asia (ICHCC-SEA) was held at Manila Hotel and De La Salle University from the 14th to the 16th of September 2017. The ICHCC-SEA consists of the Philippine Historical AssociationMasyarakat Sejarawan Indonesia and Persatuan Sejarah Malaysia

With the theme, “The Malay World: Connecting the Past to the Present”, the three day conference examined the state of historical studies in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia; identified regional trends in research methods, topics and perspectives; recognized Filipino scholars doing research on Malaysia and Indonesia; recognized foreign scholars doing historical research on the Philippines; enriched historical education; provided a venue for collaboration and networking; and made historical research relevant to contemporary needs.